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We are getting a lot of E-mail from those wishing to come to Chiang Mai. We are asked about everything from pickup at the airport, guest house and hotel reservations to tours and treks. The positive response has been so great that we would like to help more people who want to travel to north Thailand and elsewhere. This is a free service to help promote Thailand.

Here is just one E-mail message from a couple we helped:

Hi There. We had a lovely time, thanks. Every thing went off well. The trek, the drive,etc. Your Internet Web page made this holiday possible. Hats off to you on your marketing genius ! Once again, thanks for suggesting the itinerary and arranging everything at short notice... Will recommend it to friends.

Travel help is organized into three sections. Please select one to jump there or simply scroll down this page.

Travel Help Request.

Look through our travel Web sites so you have an idea of what you would like to do: Then fill out and send our Travel Help Request form. You will receive an automated reply with information for each of the subject boxes you have checked. If you have special requests, we will review your input and provide more personalized suggestions as well, all the way up to planning a holiday you will truly enjoy. Ask us as many questions as you like. This is the perfect solution for the independent traveler who doesn't want to join a large group. 

Suggested Travel Itineraries

Based on the many questions asked through the Travel Help Request, we have organized many of our previous answers into several suggested travel itineraries. These are not your ordinary "tour bus" trips. We've included our favorite places to see and things to do. We do not provide these itineraries as tours, but we usually can identify a local tour operator who will provide a similar or identical itinerary. 

My Favorite Restaurants

Everyone has their favorite places to eat, and here are mine. Of the many restaurants I've visited, only a few are mentioned here, and that is because they are stand out from the crowd. Great food, good value, and excellent service are the hallmarks of these recommended eateries. I also have a section called " When I am Hungry For..." which lists individual food items and where I like to go to get them.

We hope you find this free service useful.
We enjoy talking with you and hearing from you.

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